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ONE Classic Select Artist Collection, Case of 1000

Available early October

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ONE® Classic Select™ condoms are straight walled and lubricated for a classic fit. The Artist Collection features 36 new ONE® condom wrapper designs suitable for all audiences and without the ONE® Liners. The collection was curated in partnership with incredibly talented artists from across the world, who were inspired to use their art to spark conversations about sexual health.

Case of 1000 condoms. Not all designs may appear in every case.

From the artists we collaborated with on this collection:

“If only one person is inspired to use the Artist Collection condoms and prevent one STI, then this is the most important artistic commission I’ve ever done.” – Paul Thomas

“Let me tell you: It was super fun! First time I got involved in anything related to condoms design and I had a hell of a time! But also, on a more serious side, I am happy to have done my bit to raise awareness for a better sexual life.” – Okuda San Miguel