Partner Terms & Conditions

Partner Terms & Conditions

As an “official” condom distribution partner, your organization or business can receive the following benefits at no charge:

  • If you opt to have your company listed on the L.A. Condom website as offering free condoms to the public, your general company information will be listed in our searchable directory. Throughout the year, L.A. County promotes the L.A. Condom program and the L.A. Condom website via radio, outdoor advertising, internet, print, condom mobile and at local community events.
  • A free, see-through condom container and 2,000 condoms will be delivered to the address provided (please make sure the condoms and container are easily available to your customers by placing them within easy reach, without restrictions to access).

Thank you for participating in this free condom distribution program. You are a valued local outlet that residents can rely on to obtain free condoms on behalf of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Division of HIV and STD programs.

By becoming a partner in this initiative, you are helping us to increase condom use, drive awareness of HIV and STD prevention, and provide information about HIV/AIDS and STD treatment and care to residents of Los Angeles County. This effort is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Should you have any questions, please contact the L.A. County Condom Program at (323) 964-8399.