Get Free Condoms

If you’d like condoms sent to your home, please visit, or call the Los Angeles County STD/HIV Hotline at 800-758-0880 to order free condoms.

If you live outside of L.A. County, find free condoms at

Please note: To respect your privacy, condoms are sent in a plain manila envelope. Your email address will only be used for confirmation purposes, and will not be shared with any third parties. You will not be spammed.

We provide local business owners in Los Angeles County with free condoms for distribution at their place of business, whether it’s a retail store, barber shop, salon, bar, restaurant, gym, clinic or other venue that has a lot of foot traffic.

You can sign up to become a partner here.

Below is a list of official L.A. Condom Partners. Find a partner in your area, and pay them a visit to get your free L.A. Condoms!